Bend Sinister by Vladimir Nabokov

About the Book

It’s the author’s second English-language novel and eleventh total. He nevertheless has an amazing voice, with a distinct and engaging storyline that fuses within each character. Individuals’ struggle with the new government called the “Party of the Average Man,” thus, the setting is a European city called Padukgrad and where the government arises. The word, “Ekwilism” signifies the discouragement of all being each owns individual self, different, or unique from one another. Thereby the governments name. It “promotes the state as the prominent good in society” and led by Paduk. He ends up arresting many people who are against the philosophy. The main struggle in the novel’s story line are the trouble intellectuals have to face when they’re against such types of governments like the Ekwilism type of government.

Genre: 1940s
Tag: DN
Publisher: Penguin
Publication Year: 2012
ASIN: 0141197005
ISBN: 0141197005
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