Love Among the Ruins by Evelyn Waugh

About the Book

Convicted arsonist, Miles Plastic, is just finishing up a prison sentence in this futuristic satire set in England. The conditions on the outside are so poor that most people prefer the relative luxury of prison life, and Miles reluctantly leaves the comfortable existence in his cell. He gets a job in a euthanasia clinic where his primary responsibility is to control the overflow of people trying to get in to be euthanized, not from illness but a general malaise. He meets a bearded lady who has been forced into the clinic and they fall in love. When she disappears and then appears later with a prosthetic on her face instead of a beard, Miles lashes out and sets his old prison on fire. He gets away with the crime and this lack of accountability sets off a series of events that will change his life forever.

Genre: 1950s
Tag: DN
Publisher: Chapman & Hall, Ltd.
Publication Year: 1953
ASIN: 3716013927
ISBN: 9783716013922
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