O-Zone by Paul Theroux

About the Book

If the 21st century does not prove Burgess to be the most prescient 20th century creator of dystopic literature, then perhaps that honor will go to Paul Theroux. In this dark vision of a possible future, Missouri becomes home to the ultimate upper class following yet another nuclear incident that devastates most of the rest of the world. Only eight super-rich survivors gain access to the O-Zone while those outside are barely looked upon as human. The novel works best if you remember just how much the super-rich of today take pains to insulate themselves from having any contact with the rest of the world that is not a photo-op.

Genre: 1980s
Tag: DN
Publisher: Ivy Books
Publication Year: 1987
ASIN: 0804101515
ISBN: 0804101515
List Price: $5.95
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