Seeds: a post-apocalyptic adventure by Chris Mandeville

About the Book

Much like “The Road” the world has been ruined by some sort of event that has left cars unable to work, people to be untrustworthy, and plants unable to grow. The difference, however, is that in Mandeville’s world, is that small pockets of societies are flourishing and there are seeds and animals alive. The problem is getting these seeds and animals. One man from Colorado hears a name of a place from a dying woman with an apple, and sets off to California with his grandfather in search of seeds because his people are dying from malnutrition. Another man sets off on a journey to save his son and daughter from pirates and the leader of ‘Lost Angeles’, coming from a land full of fish and apples. Another character that readers follow is the leader of ‘Lost Angeles’ himself as he tries to create animals through test tubes and take what he believes to be rightfully his.

Genre: 2010s
Tag: DN
Publisher: Parker Hayden Media
Publication Year: 2015
ISBN: 1941528252
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