The Host by Stephenie Meyers

About the Book

Yes, this is the same author who brought you the Twilight series, and no, there are absolutely no vampires in this novel. This is different from other dystopian novels, and the push to the new civilization came about due to an alien invasion rather than some human-cause source. The human population has become hosts to an alien species that takes over the bodies and minds. The book begins as the invasion is almost complete, save for a few pockets of unscathed humanity. Melanie Stryder hosts one of the Alien intruders, yet her mind is strong enough to withstand the invasion, and she continues to communicate and control her body in tandem with this new creature. The tale is fascinating, the characters deep, and the setting believable for the circumstances.

Genre: 2000s
Tag: DN
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
Publication Year: 2013
ASIN: 0316218510
ISBN: 9780316218511
List Price: $9.99
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