We Have Been Warned by Naomi Mitchison

About the Book

During the 1930s rise of fascism in Germany and Italy, Naomi Mitchison paid close attention. She realized hopes about the Russian Revolution were wrong, and felt urgency to share these understandings with the world. Unlike her other novels, this one does not offer an exact historical setting. The novel was created based on chaos behind warning signs from Nazi movements causing her outrage. Feelings of disgust, anger, and responsibility to mankind are viral in a writing style appearing more unbalanced than her usual work. Naomi uses personal experiences bouncing between her own character and her sister’s throughout challenging prose that attempts to give readers a dose of reality about fascist ideology.

Genre: 1930s
Tag: DN
Publisher: Kennedy & Boyd
Publication Year: 2012
ASIN: 1849210268
ISBN: 1849210268
List Price: $25.00
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