When The Sleeper Wakes by H.G. Wells

About the Book

In this dystopian Rip van Winkle, a man sleeps for 203 years. When he awakenes, the city of London is nothing like the London he remembers. To his surprise, he finds that his bank account has grown from interest and he is now a wealthy man. However, a new world order has taken over and he finds himself in a world that makes him wish he was still asleep. He describes babble machines that spread news and euthanasia. The filthy, disease laden conditions that the workers must tolerate are not that unlike the conditions he witnessed during the industrial revolution. In this new world, the main character becomes a revolutionary in a new war. This novel is action-packed and filled with political intrigue.

Genre: 1890s
Tag: DN
Publisher: House of Stratus Ltd
Publication Year: 2001
ASIN: 0755104218
ISBN: 0755104218
List Price: $12.95
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